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Precautions for use


To properly mount our motorcycle tires, check Shinko Tires catalogues or our website or, ask your dealer for advice.
Failing to keep the following safety instructions can lead to serious injuries or death.
Improperly assembled tires can cause tire blowouts or damages to the rim.
  • 1. Keep the tires in a cool, dry place to avoid direct sunlight and away from fuel, oil or other chemical products.
  • 2. Do not repair punctured or damaged tires.
  • 3. Get your tires and rims mounted or dismounted by trained personnel.
  • 4. Wear certified protective eyewear.
  • 5. Always use a rim that fits your tire.
  • 6. Make sure you check the directional arrow on the sidewall of your tires.
  • 7. Before assembling your wheel, clean the rim and apply tire lubricant on the bead and rim.
  • 8. Please work by placing the rim, band and tube in the middle to prevent jamming. When replacing a tube tire, replace the old tube with a new one and when replacing a tubeless tire, replace the old valve with a new one.
  • 9. Do not fill air with the tire laying flat on the ground. When filling air, make sure you’re not touching the tire or rim. Step away and turn around.
  • 10. Set the safety valve of air hose to 40 PSI / 275 kPa / 2.75 bar.
  • 11. Use an air chuck that has a pin and a linear air valve with gauge.
  • 12. Rotate the wheel and check whether the rim is completely attached to the tire.
  • 13. If the tire and rim are completely attached together, adjust the air pressure to the level recommended by the motorcycle manufacturer.
  • 14. Make sure you close the lid of the valve.
  • 15. Adjust the balance between the tire and rim.
  • 16. Make sure there is enough space between your tire and vehicle to prevent damages to your tire.

Persons selling or assembling tires must warn the riders.

  • 1. Lack of air pressure or excessive load can cause serious damages.
  • 2. Please do no use prohibited items specified in the instruction manual nor exceed the maximum permissible load marked on the sidewall of your tires.
  • 3. Please maintain the air pressure for appropriate purposes specified in the instruction manual and check the condition of your tires regularly.
  • 4. Do not accelerate, turn, drive at maximum output or break suddenly before reaching at least 100 miles (160 km) after mounting new tires. Doing so can cause serious damages or injuries.
  • 5. All tires need to reach specific driving temperature for them to have optimum grip. Please warm up your tires at appropriate speed after starting to drive.

For ATVs

  • Brand/Type : Shinko ATV (All Terrain Vehicle)
  • Recommended Size: See below.
  • Destination: Korea

Precautions for Assembling ATV Tires

  • 1) ATV tires are low pressure tires and they need special care during assembly because the damages to beads from auto assembly or working with a lever can lead to accidents.
  • 2) To make assembly easier, please apply release agent (soap water, wax) on the bead of the tires.
  • 3) When seating a bead, please keep the air pressure below the level marked on the sidewall of the tire.

    - Recommended Air Pressure for Assembly: Below 36 PSI (2.50kgf/cm2)

    - Going above the recommended air pressure for assembly can cause tire ruptures or cutting of the bead wire and this can lead to serious accidents. If you are not able to assemble the wheel using the recommended air pressure for assembly, please contact the retailer or our headquarters.

  • 4) We recommend you use below 3~6 PSI (0.20~0.40 kgf/cm2) for operating air pressure.

    - If the tire has too much pressure, it can rupture from even a small impact. Excessive air pressure can also cause one-side wear, early wear and decline in ride comfort.

ATV Applied Size

Size Pattern PR or KPA
18x9.50-8 902
19x7.00-8 902
18x7.00-7 901 4
22x11-8 954 -
AT22x10-8 952
AT20x7-8 951
AT25x8-12 900 ☆☆☆
AT25x10-12 901 ☆☆☆
AT23x8-11 900 ☆☆☆
AT24x8-11 900 ☆☆☆
AT24x9-11 901 ☆☆☆
AT24x10-11 901 ☆☆☆
AT22x7-10 901
AT22x10-10 910

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