Quality Assurance Policy

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Quality Assurance Policy

Quality Guarantee

Quality Assurance

  • We assure you that there is no defect in raw materials and the manufacturing process.

Quality Assurance Policy

  • We compensate for the manufacturing defects in the products manufactured and sold by Shin Hung in accordance with the Fair Trade Commission Notice No. 2011-10 Criteria for Consumer Dispute Settlement.

Warranty Period

  • 3 years from the date of purchase (3 years from the date of manufacture if you don’t have a proof of purchase), products with 20% or more tread depth.

Warranty Policy

  • Requirement: Manufacturing defects
  • Exchanges: Treadwear 10% or less
  • Refunds: Treadwear between 10 to 80% (Refund amount calculated based on the treadwear)

Ineligible for Warranty Coverage

  • Damages caused by road hazards or objects and by external impact
  • Damages caused by users’ fault
  • Tires with 80% wear or more
  • Tires that have been repaired
  • Tires with expired warranty
  • Tires that have been purchased through irregular distribution channels or after they have been used
  • If the manufacturing no. cannot be determined
  • Damages caused by natural disasters or man-made accidents
  • Tires that have been mounted or used inappropriately (in terms of load, speed, purpose, size)
  • Irregular wears or damages caused by management faults such as problems in vehicles or misalignment
  • Tires that have been used for load or speed exceeding the permissible load or speed
  • Problems caused by lack of or too much air pressure
  • Damages caused by climate or ozone or, by management faults
  • Unlawfully collecting tires and claiming compensation

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